Corner 53 – Pomelo Gin – 70cl

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Vol: 41%

Bottle size: 70cl

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Pomelo is our citrus explosion.  We go to great lengths to pack this full of fresh Pink Grapefruit, Pear and Liquorice.  Not feeling that just using the peel was enough, we also pass the vapour through a layer of the juicy centres to really capture the vibrant flavour.

Pomelo was born purely through experimentation and a desire to pack a gin full of as much clean, fresh flavour as possible.

This led us to our knowledgeable local greengrocer, Nigel, who guided us through the remarkably temperamental and seasonal world of fresh produce.

Guided by flavour combinations used in classic New Orleans cocktails, we settled on a balance of pink grapefruit, Cox pippin apples and conference pears, offset by aromatic wormwood and sweet liquorice.

Far too late into the process we discovered that packing this much flavour into spirit did not come without consequences.  Unfortunately there is no market for milk coloured gin!  Luckily a distant connection at the University of York came to the rescue and provided the solution to the problem.  A natural scientific process enabled us to press on, leaving Pomelo its full-bodied and thirst quenching self.  We do hate compromises.

We recommend serving Pomelo with lashings of ice and a Mediterranean tonic to best bring out the vibrant flavours.


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