Anno – Kent Dry Gin – 70cl


Country: UK

Alcohol: 43%

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Anno Kent dry Gin is one of the first Gins to be distilled in kent since 1800’s. Fresh and flavourful with a superb selection of botanicals, a number of which are grown in the garden of England itself, like Kentish lavender, hops, elderflower, rose hips and samphire.

Appearance: A crystal clear, bright liquid.

Nose: Crisp, complex and inviting. Juniper and citrus are accompanied by floral, herby notes.

Taste: The classic juniper slowly eases into a more citrus tongue, before making way for sweet, spicy notes. A soft & creamy initial offering belies the complexity of tastes that reveal themselves as the spirit unwinds across your palate.

Finish: Bold and long, with leafy herbal notes and a smattering of beautifully hoppy sweetness. Hiding a crisp, dry lift at the very end.