Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gift Set


Country: UK

Alcohol: 43%

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The amazing new gin from Silent Pool married with a pair of elegant Copa style glasses.

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin uses some of the World’s rarest and most intriguing citrus. This is definitely not a flavoured gin, it is a naturally distilled and masterfully blended spirit, which balances bright and zesty with subtly sweet and blends enticingly rich with delicately spiced for a refreshingly distinctive and beautifully aromatic gin.

The four rare citrus fruits used are:

Buddha’s hand

Top note: Produces a bright, zesty, sherbet lemon flavour that lifts all other notes in the recipe.

Natsu Dai Dai

Mid note: Provides enticingly rich notes of madarin and subtle accents of lime.

Green Seville Orange

Mid note: The classic marmalade orange, harvested whilst still green where the oil content on the skin is at it’s most intense allowing for an outstanding orange taste.

Hirado Buntan

Base note: A variety of the highly prized Japanese Pomelo. Contributes a subtle but gorgeous grapefruit taste with a rich, creamy mouthfeel and honeyed sweetness.

Signature Serve

50ml Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin
100ml Fever Tree Indian Tonic
Plenty of ice
Garnish with twist of Grapefruit