Amicone Corvina Verona 2018


Vintage: 2018

Country: Italy

Region: Veneto

Grape: Corvina

Alcohol: 14%

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Intense ruby red colour, with fruity bouquet and intense fragrances of cherries. Full-bodied and enchanting in the mouth with tastes of mature red fruits, berries, especially plums. Corvina grapes are manually selected during harvest, which normally falls in the beginning of autumn. The selected grapes then undergo a drying process called “appassimento” which consists in placing the grapes in special boxes in a room equipped with ventilators to maintain a constant temperature and humidity. During this process, grapes lose 35% of their weight, but retain and enhance their unique flavours and aromas. When the grapes reach the desired sugar level, they are softly pressed and vinified in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. 50% of the blend is aged in French Tonneaux for 6-8 months; the remaining part rests in the stainless steel tanks.