Pago de los Capellanes Roble 2020


Vintage: 2020

Country: Spain

Region: Ribera del Duero

Grape: Tempranillo

Alcohol: 14.5%


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The youngest wine from the Burgos winery Pago de los Capellanes has become a much sought-after best-seller. A single varietal Tempranillo wine, it is made with grapes from the poor chalky-clay soils of the Santa Gadea plots, characteristic of the Ribera del Duero landscape. The poor fertility of the soil means low yields of high quality fruit; small and sparse grapes with wonderful aromas.

As you open a bottle of Pago de los Capellanes Roble you are immediately greeted with a cheerful and fresh wine with subtle tannins and a lively acidity. It has a splendid cherry-red colour and wonderfully intense young aromas such as violets and red fruits of the forest, mixing in with light hints of spices thanks to its measured time spent ageing in wood. A wide, lingering and velvety wine in the mouth with a seductive lactic touch wrapped in elegant tannins. It combines all the energy of a young wine with the pleasant feel of a wine produced by experienced and skilled experts. Attractive in the glass, and intense in the nose, its perfect relationship between fruit and ageing gives the wine an enjoyable complexity. All in all, an elegant red wine whose popularity is easy to understand from the very first sip – and a wine that stands out in this price range.