Hugel Gentil


Vintage: 2018

Country: France

Region: Alsace

Grape: 23.3% Riesling, 21.6% Gewurztraminer, 21.4% Sylvaner, 18.4% Pinot Gris, 10.5% Pinot Blanc, 4.8% Muscat

Alcohol: 12.5%

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The perfect introduction to Alsace wines as it combines the qualities of all our white varietals. This wine revives an ancient Alsace tradition that wines assembled from noble grape varieties were called “Gentil”. Gentil “Hugel” allies the suave, spicy flavour of Gewurztraminer, the body of Pinot Gris, the finesse of Riesling, the grapiness of Muscat and the refreshing character of Pinot Blanc and Sylvaner. Aromatic, refreshing and balanced.