Hayman’s – Royal Dock Gin


Country: UK

Alcohol: 57%

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You can expect a charismatic bright and robust style, with unrivalled intensity. But even at 57% alc, our Royal Dock Gin is not at all overpowering. There’s a certain smoothness as it retains a brilliant balance of juniper, coriander and citrusy flavours.

Anchored in tradition, our Royal Dock Gin is a Navy strength gin that was once enjoyed by the officers of a ship. In fact, it’s the very same that was supplied to the Royal Navy from 1863.

It really is a fine gin that will deliver lingering juniper and citrus flavours. And make you a hearty Martini.

Navy Strength Gin & Tonic:

Ingredients: 50ml Royal Dock Gin, Premium tonic water.

Preparation: Pour Royal Dock Gin into a tumbler or highball glass filled with ice. Top up with tonic water and garnish with a lime twist.