Corner 53 – Cherokee Gin – 70cl


Alcohol: 41%


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Inspired by the rich and sweet Tennessee whiskeys and native American folk tales, Cherokee mixes 100% pure Canadian maple syrup with intricately distilled gin.  We  balance the Maple with Orange and Sarsaparilla to create a sipable and mixable golden gin.

The original recipe for Cherokee gin was inspired by the whisky making process perfected by the Master Distiller, Jasper (Jack) Daniel and his fellow distillers. Cherokee draws its inspiration from the maple- charcoal filtration process perfected by Tennessee Whisky producers since the 1800’s, to which they have attributed their distinctive, smoky, sweet taste. Whilst this process wasn’t able to be replicated, it did uncover Maple as a botanical which provided a sweet and earthy flavour. The final recipe has been crafted around this unique ingredient.

The sweeter edge from the Maple is balanced in Cherokee by a combination of fresh orange peel, pear and apple with an earthy vanilla note lent by the sarsaparilla. This concoction sits well with Indian or Elderflower tonic, holds its own in complex gin cocktails or can be drunk neat like the Tennessee flavours that inspired it.