Anno – Elderflower & Vodka – 5cl Miniature

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Vol: 29%

Bottle size: 5cl

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By vapour-infusing the freshest Kentish elderflower into the vodka using a state-of-the-art botanicals basket, we have created a beautifully fresh and floral spirit drink that boasts a long-lasting flavour, that tantalisingly reveals its inner secrets as it dances across your taste buds. Perfect drunk neat with ice or with Prosecco.

Appearance: A clear spirit that shines with a subtle yellow hue.

Nose: A crisp, bright and aromatic bouquet of elderflower, with underlying tones of peach and hints of honey.

Taste: Smooth and silky, with harmony between the fresh and floral elderflower notes.

Finish: Long-lasting sweetness and evolving floral freshness accompanied with a little warmth on the chest.


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